Support from Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger, a well known expert for the development of setup programs and very familiar with the InstallShield products, is providing a vendor independent support via e-mail, charged by an hourly rate.

How to order

Please contact me by e-mail.


Here are some comments from InstallShield users that I've helped in the past:

"Again, it has been great working with you. As well as helping us fix and improve our installers, you have also helped us improve our own installer knowledge, which is great!"

"Your help with our InstallShield application has been invaluable. Your expert knowledge of the product along with your prompt answers to our questions and problems were truly a blessing. Without your help, particularly on some of the undocumented features and functions, I honestly do not know if we would have been able to complete the installation in the manner desired. Many times after researching the on-line documentation, I would ask you the question and you would immediately response back with the answer. You honestly saved me hours of time figuring out the solution and/or giving up and taking a lesser solution to the problem."

"Thank you very much for lightning-fast and in depth reply."

Unless otherwise noted, all prices are in Euro and don't include value added tax. Customers located in the European Union (EU) - except Germany - don't have to pay value added tax if they specify their VAT ID number. Value added tax is not applicable to customers outside the EU.

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