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Stefan Krueger

Do you need a setup program? I can solve your installation problems.
I'm offering a multitude of services to meet your requirements in a very flexible way.


First impression counts

The setup program is what the user first sees of your product. If the installation runs smoothly, your customer will be confident that the main program will be functional and easy to use. You only have one chance to make a good first impression.

Buggy install programs will increase support costs. Frustrated customers might move to a competing product. Damaged operating system configurations may even result in claims for damages.

Specialists are required

Creating a solid install program isn't an easy task. Even with powerful tools available, enormous knowledge and experience is required, and ongoing education. Often a company cannot afford to have one or more developers dedicated soley to creation and maintenance of setup programs.

Utilize our know how

I have been creating installation programs since 1994, and since 1999 this is my full time profession. During this time I have helped numerous companies to get robust setup programs and answered thousands of technical questions. I have seen several generations of install tools and operating systems come and go, and made myself familiar with their specialties and problems.

In 2003 Microsoft recognized me as a Most Valuable Professional for Windows Installer Technology.

Benefit from my knowledge and experience. In cooperation with partner companies I'm offering a wide range of services, from answering individual questions (support) to creating of ready to ship setups (outsourcing).

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