A wide range of service options is available from Stefan Krueger and his cooperation partners. Please contact me if you have a need that is not listed below.


  • Consulting
  • Training - public courses or on site at your facility
  • Workshops/Training
  • Support via e-mail
  • Custom programming of modules that you can plug into your setup
  • Creation of complete setup scripts or projects
  • Porting and converting setups to new tools and platforms
  • Localization in English and German

How I Can Help You

Please identify your situation and see what I can do for you:

Additional questions you may have:

I only need to create a setup program occasionally

You'd have to spend noticeable amounts of time to learn how to use the tool or even pay for training courses and books. And you'd probably run into typical beginner problem and pitfalls. As an alternative you should consider to let me create the setup for you. This will save you time and trouble, and ensure a bulletproof setup that makes a perfect    first impression. Send an abstract of your requirements by e-mail for an estimate.

I have to write setup programs on a regular basis and I need to learn how to do it myself

Let me coach you. We can build your setup together. I would provide code samples that you can analyse and answer your questions. "Learning by doing" is the most effective way. Send me an e-mail and we'll discuss the details.

I'm already writing my own setups, but need some advise from time to time

With a support contract you can send me your questions by e-mail. Please contact me by e-mail so we can work out a contract.

I can create the major part of my setup prgoram myself. But I'm looking for an expert to solve one particular problem.

Send an abstract of your problem by e-mail and I will create a script function that you can easily add to your project.

I have inherited a setup written with an older tool

Migrating a setup from InstallShield 3 or from the Microsoft Setup Toolkit to InstallShield 5 or 6 requires knowledge of the old tool, too. I've been working with the older tools and can assist you in the migration process. Please send the specifics of your project by e-mail for an estimate.

Which setup tool should I use?

InstallShield has several different setup products, and many of them come in various "flavors", plus several complementary tools. Send an abstract of your requirements by e-mail and I will make a suggestion.

Advertisement says that I would be able to build my setup within one day. Doesn't that make your service obsolete?

Remember that it's "advertisement". An experienced setup developer will be able to build a basic setup within one day. But if you have little or no experience in this field, or your setup is not straight forward, you will probably need more time. Time to identify your requirements, time to learn how to use the tool, time to build the setup, time to debug and test on various platforms. I found that Murphy's law is true: "It always takes longer!"

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